ItaServices provides language services for sectors such as Automotive, Mechanical Engineering, Videogames, ICT, Marketing, Web, Publishing, Journalism.

ItaServices is an individual freelance business that provides language services...

ItaServices' main fields of expertise are Mechanical Engineering and Automotive, ICT, Videogames, Software, Web and Marketing.


Language services for automotive, technical and engineering communication

ItaServices provides translation and language services for sectors from the present, from the past and from the future: it's familiar with vehicles from the present (modern and contemporary vehicles), vehicles from the past (vintage, historical and classic cars) and vehicles from the future (hybrid and electric vehicles).

Luxury Cars

Vehicles from the present, modern and contemporary vehicles

Classic Cars

Vehicles from the past, vintage, historical and classic vehicles

Electric Cars

Vehicles from the future, hybrid and electric vehicles

Projects accomplished

ItaServices translates for industry, industrial engineering, motion control and process control

ItaServices has provided translations for companies in the industrial and engineering sector, in production and manufacturing processes, in motion and control technologies, manufacturing highly engineered components and systems for motion and control, human motion, IoT (Internet of Things) with applications including aerospace, transportation, infrastructure, energy, environment, climate control, electromechanical, fluid and gas handling, filtration, hydraulics, pneumatics, process control, sealing and shielding (e.g. for smartphones).

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Mechanics translations
Mechanical engineering translations
Automotive translations

Electric cars translations
Classic cars translations
Historical cars translations

Language consultancy 
Terminology consultancy
Press translation

Games localization 
Publishing translations


Servizi linguistici per settori del presente, del passato e del futuro.

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