Clients and Contents

At present, ItaServices has provided translation and language services for more than 100 end clients.
This section lists some of the clients and contents ItaServices has worked on.

ItaServices translates for spring manufacturers

ItaServices translates for spring manufacturers that provide mechanical springs, such as compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, Belleville washers and constant force springs, for several sectors including aerospace, robotics, semi-conductor, and electronics.

ItaServices has translated for companies that produce both stock springs, with large inventories, and custom springs, designed, manufactured to fit exact specifications and requirements, both imperial (in imperial units, imperial system) and metric (metric units, metric system).

In particular, ItaServices has translated catalogues for compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, constant force springs, Belleville washers, with contents such as: springs specification forms, technical data, engineering data, specifications and tolerances (material data, stress relief, finishing, operational temperatures, tolerances, end information, direction of helix), conversion data, etc.


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