ItaServices provides language services for videogames, web, hardware, software, advertising, marketing, media.

Videogames, Software and Web sites Localization

How can you translate (or "localize") a videogame?

First of all you have to be a videogamer. And preferably also a reader of videogame magazines and videogame reviews. In a nutshell: a fan, an enthusiast, a collector.

ItaServices is first of all a user of videogames for PC, home consoles, and portable consoles. It knows the different videogame genres and keeps abreast of the times in the current videogame industry.

So it knows at first hand the challenges of audiovisual interactive entertainment products localization.

Then it becomes a business providing localization services for the gaming industry, both home and mobile.

Today it provides translation services for important videogame developers and publishers, for several titles and different genres.

Also, ItaServices localizes different types of software, operating systems and Web sites.

ICT and Hardware

ItaServices has experience in providing language services for ICT (Information and Communication Technology), computer science and hardware.

It constantly keeps itself up to date on both theory and practice.

The passion for hardware has led ItaServices to specialize in components, accessories, peripheral devices, etc.

Advertising, Marketing and Media

ItaServices often provides translation and language services in areas such as advertising, marketing, and media; it can also collaborate in areas such as press, periodicals (periodical publications, newspapers, paper magazines, online magazines). Common types of texts are: marketing documentation, press releases, etc.

Many of the contents of the other sectors fall into this sector (e.g. automotive marketing, ICT marketing, hardware marketing, software marketing, videogames marketing, etc.).

For details, see the dedicated sections


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