ItaServices provides language services for mechanical engineering, automotive, classic cars, electric cars, hybrid cars.

Mechanical Engineering and Automotive

ItaServices specializes in Mechanical Engineering and Automotive, mobility and transport, traffic regulations, road systems, road networks, road conditions. 

ItaServices is familiar with vehicles from the present (modern and contemporary vehicles), vehicles from the future (hybrid and electric vehicles), and vehicles from the past (vintage, historical and classic cars).

With regards to modern and contemporary vehicles, ItaServices ranges from luxury cars to construction equipment and heavy machinery, has provided and provides translation and language services for important European, American and Asian car makers and brands, as well as companies that produce heavy equipment, trucks, tractors.

Being very aware and mindful of electromobility, sustainable mobility, electrification, environment, green sustainability, sustainable development, environmental compatibility, and health, as well as of future technologies and markets, ItaServices provides language services for car makers that produce/manufacture EVs (electric vehicles), electromobility businesses, and has personally tested (through test drives) several electric vehicles, both 2-wheeled (such as electric scooters) and 4-wheeled (such as electric cars).



Regarding vintage and classic cars, ItaServices is always up to date about associations, clubs, meetings, rallies, events, concours d'élégance, historical re-enactments (recollection, commemoration, remembrance events), revivals, revival meetings, shows, fairs, exhibitions, international auctions, and historical motoring and cultural heritage. Also, ItaServices specializes in vehicle technics, preservation, recovery and restoration.

ItaServices has actively taken safe driving courses, both on large square and on motor-racing track, and is familiar with the following: driving safety, road systems safety, road networks safety (infrastructure safety), traffic education (behavioural aspects), defensive driving, driving anticipation, preventive driving.

It also has academic basics of Physics, Chemistry, Organization Systems, Industrial Technical Drawing, Materials Technologies, Electrotechnics, Mechanics Applied to Machines, Fluid Mechanics, Construction of Machines, Mechanical Technology, Mechanical Plants.

Special attention is paid to units of measurement, which are crucial for correct engineering communication.


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Servizi linguistici per settori del presente, del passato e del futuro.

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